– The Spirit Speaks to the Churches –

Introducing our next Fall study!  In this short two week study, we will be digging into the first three chapters of Revelation to learn more about the Letters to the seven churches.

The churches that John wrote about were actual, real live, churches during that time. Though those churches do not specifically exist during our day today, we can still learn plenty from them!

Each of the days we will dig into one of the seven churches.  We will read

  • what the churches were succeeding at
  • what they were lacking in

At the end of each church, John reminds us of what will be waiting for the overcomer.  Glimpses of Heaven!


Here’s what you need to know.

  • The study starts October 30th.
  • The Reading Plans will be ready to download on October 23rd.
  • To join an email group, let us know by October 23rd.
  • This is a 2 week Reading Plan and will conclude on November 10th.

We invite you to stay with us or to jump back in, if you have taken a break.  Do you know someone new who may be interested in joining your study group?  If you have been studying on your own, this would be a great opportunity to reach out and join an email group.



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  1. Carrie Rauhe

    Help! I am on the list, but we started our group at the beginning of Simply Being while you were in the middle. Since the daily emails didn’t coordinate with what we were studying, I changed my settings of how often I would receive your emails. But now I haven’t received any emails, and I need to get the daily plan for the Revelations study. I can’t figure out how to get these. I’ve tried to sign up again a couple times, but I’m not getting any email. I think I may have blocked myself or something!! Now what? Thanks so much for your help!!

  2. Diane Lanz

    Trudie, can you send the link for this current study to Autumn Miller? I picked up a copy at the Sister meeting and don’t have the link or I would do it myself. Thanks

  3. Marie Inoue

    Trudie – As I thought more about it I think a group e-mail would be more beneficial to me than studying by myself. So, hopefully, I can belong to a group e-mail rather than studying by myself. Thank you very much. Marie

  4. I’d like to join. Just recently came across your website at the recommendation of a dear friend.

  5. Gail Spangler

    I am really looking forward to this study.Thank you for all your tireless effort doing this to benefit so many. God bless!!


    I would like to be part of this study — Thanks for all your work

    What a blessing this website is ….


    • Yay, I’m glad you are joining us again, Doreen! And we are so thankful it’s a blessing to you, sweet girl! <3 Trudie

  7. Marie Inoue

    I notice the instructions say that we should let you know by October 23 if we want to join an e-mail study group, so this is my notice. I live in Japan, and I am so thankful that time and distance are not a factor in sending me the reading materials. Thank you very much. Marie

  8. Marie Inoue

    Dearest ones,

    I look forward to joining this study. For now I will be studying by myself. I belong to an English Bible study ( small group) here with several ladies from our church. Recently 2 of the ladies had new babies, so we stopped for awhile, but will resume again on November 8th. In that Bible study we are using other material. I would like to do your Bible study by myself for now. Is there any money that I should be paying? Please tell me if there is. I will be glad to do my part, whatever it is. Thanks for starting this study. May God bless all of you. Marie

    • Marie – I am so glad you are joining us!! What a perfect timing your message was today; to know this website is going to bless someone in Japan, was a great encouragement to me!

      All the reading plans here are free 🙂 So, no, there is nothing you need to be paying for!

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