There are different ways we use here at Girls In God’s Word to add accountability to our daily quiet-times.

One way is through having a group to study with. Let me explain how it works.



First you need people, five is an ideal number.

Each person in the study picks a weekday that works best for their schedule.  On their ‘day’ they email the rest of the group.

This email you send to everyone in your group can include some of the following:

*something that stuck out to you in your Quiet time.

*It can be the ‘A’ part of your TAP.

*It can be the ‘P’ part of your TAP.

*It can be your whole TAP journaling.

*It can be a question that you are puzzled about.

*It can be some research and extra Bible Verses that you looked up.  This email is going to look different for each person.


So let’s recap:

  •   5 people in the group
  •   A different person emails the whole group each day
  •   You EMAIL one day a week.
  •   You RECEIVE one email a day.


March 12, 2016 (25) MatteHOW TO START YOUR OWN GROUP-

To start a group is easy. Find 4 friends that want to grow in their faith and have access to email or texting or Facebook. Have each person pick a day and get everyone a copy of the reading plan.  Register your group through the Group Leader Button or click here. Last of all, pick a date to start and get studying!


A few tips:

*There have been times where we only had four people in our group, and one day we just didn’t get an email.

*There were times that we had 6 people in the group and we got 2 emails on one of the days.

*There were studies that we had people go MIA for a couple weeks.  Oh, did I say that??  Yes, there are times where we all get behind and don’t get the email sent out.  ((Me too! Or I should say especially me))  We all understand and show each other grace. 🙂

*Your group can be made up of girls in all different age groups and all different stages of life.  Blended groups add a wonderful dimension to the study!

*If anyone responds to the writer of the email of the day, click ‘reply all’ and you have a group conversation started.

*Saturday and Sunday are off days.