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We are very excited to announce our Fall (did I really say fall??!) Let me re-word that… our next Bible Study πŸ™‚

Titled – Simply Being.

Just Simply Being… not rushing around and doing. No, just Being. We will start out the study with the example of Mary… sitting at the feet of Jesus. Simply Being.

Each week we have an element of ‘Being’ we will dig into deeper.

  • Be still & listen.
  • Be content & trust.
  • Be present & offer your-self.
  • Be willing & serve.
  • Be thankful & praise.
  • Be watching & ready.


We are very excited to see what God has to teach us through this topic.

What about you … are you going to join us?

Here’s what you need to know::

  • The study starts September 4th.
  • The Reading Plans will be ready to download on August 28th.
  • To join an email study group, let us know by August 28th.
  • This is a 6 week Reading Plan.

Thanks for being here and for the encouragement you give to us, as we make these studies. If you ever feel led to give a donation to help us be able to keep the reading plans free to download and the website up and running ad-free; we would greatly appreciate it. You can give by sending a check to one of us or by clicking over here.

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