— Clinging to Christ in Confidence; during a Season of Suffering —

Suffering. Confidence. Christ. Do those words really fit together? 


We have all been through something hard. Some of us it is a public thing, everyone knows and can pray for us. Some of us, it is a private struggle. A battle of the mind. YET we have all gone thru it. 

So what does Confidence in Christ, during a season of suffering, look like?  

Honestly. I don’t know if I can pick out just one answer.

I asked some sweet friends, all who have gone through hard things. This gave me pages and pages of verses. WOW! God has a lot written in His Word about suffering!  So we are going to dig in!  I hope and pray you will join us!


  • This is a SEVEN week reading plan.


The reading plans are below if you need them 🙂


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