The purpose behind Girls In God’s Word is:

  • To encourage women and girls, through each busy season of life, to get into and study God’s Word.  We do this by providing an easy and do-able method to study the Bible. 
  • The hope & prayer is that everything on this website and the reading plans point people to Christ.  
  • We hope that this encourages women to look at God’s Word for direction, hope and God’s voice. 
  • We also want this to be a place where we can give each other accountability and encouragement to spend time each day in the Word.


Why do we need to be in the Word every day? Read here and Read here and Read here


In this community and environment, we need to keep the focus on the Bible and Christ.  We want Love to be the main focus.  As you leave comments, please leave them in the sprit of love rather than the spirit of confusion or anger.  I know that satan is going to try to ruin this neat thing we have started; but please help us keep it a positive and encouraging place.  Thank you in advance.  (Also, please alert me if any spam or unnecessary comments find their way in.)


We have found a great benefit in using dictionaries, Strong’s Concordances and such like, and various versions of the Bible, including the original Greek and Hebrew it was written in.  The reading plans are JUST that- reading plans; We only give you the Bible Verse Reference.  You use whatever materials you find beneficial.  As we post verses on the blog posts, we will plan to use the KJV.