There are different ways we use here at Girls In God’s Word to add accountability to our daily quiet-times.

One way is through having a group to do it with. Let me explain how it works.




Each person in the study picks a weekday that works best for their schedule. On their ‘day’ they email the rest of the group.

March 12, 2016 (97) MatteThis email you send to everyone in your group can include some of the following

*something that stuck out to you in your Quiet time.

*It can be the ‘A’ part of your TAP.

*It can be the ‘P’ part of your TAP.

*It can be your whole TAP journaling.

*It can be a question that you are puzzled about.

*It can be some research and extra Bible Verses that you looked up. This email is going to look different for each person.


Basically put:
A different person emails the whole group each day
You SEND an email one day a week.
You RECEIVE an email from someone in your group each day.




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