Week Four – Clinging to Christ in Confidence – Monday

Let’s read: Genesis 37:1-4, 23-28, Luke 12:51-53

TAP: Luke 12:51

Jesus came to bring division. Sigh.

Many of our tough things that we go through have to do with relationships.  That is just how it is.  Jesus brought division.  The Gospel naturally brings division.  Satan really is the one to blame for all of this.  Not Jesus.  Yet Jesus, by bruising Satan’s head, brought division to Earth.

This week we are digging into Joseph’s story.  We see a huge relationship issue in his life.  Jealousy, anger, rejection, and hatred.  Joseph telling his brothers his dreams, Israel loving Joseph more than any of his other sons, the brothers selling Joseph as a slave…All this division caused much suffering.

The times have not changed.  We see some of the same things happening in families today.  We are not immune to this division, hurt, and suffering that the relationships in Joseph’s story experienced.  Jesus came to make this division more apparent, to bring to light our sinful nature, and to save us from our flesh! He came to rescue us from this relationship junk.  Let’s focus our eyes on Him to show us how to deal with it.





Mark your calendars!  Our {now} annual Sister Share event is coming soon!!  Invites for Sister Share will be in mailboxes later this week!  If you can’t wait to know more, you can find more info on the Sister Talk tab and get registered on the website.  We hope you can join us!  (Note…if you get an invite in the mail from us, change the reservation phone number from 645 to 641)


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