Our Winter Study is Here!!!

Girls, I have to admit this study has been hard. very hard. to put together. Yet, I felt God’s clear direction, that this topic is the one we are to study next.

I put off preparing for it. I was overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy.  I felt this topic was too hard to put into a reading plan.  There are so many verses, I didn’t’ want to miss a single one. There are so many aspects to it, I didn’t want to miss a single point.  I felt like I was going to fail. 


YET, It is not I, but God that is working here… so I pleaded with Him to give me a willingness to put this together.  He was faithful. 

With that let me introduce our next topic….



Suffering. Confidence. Christ. Do those words really fit together? 


We have all been through something hard. Some of us it is a public thing, everyone knows and can pray for us. Some of us, it is a private struggle. A battle of the mind. YET we have all gone thru it. 

So what does Confidence in Christ, during a season of suffering, look like?  

Honestly. I don’t know if I can pick out just one answer.

I asked some sweet friends, all who have gone through hard things. This gave me pages and pages of verses. WOW! God has a lot written in His Word about suffering!  So we are going to dig in!  I hope and pray you will join us!


Here are the details:

  • Reading Plans will be ready Monday, January 15th. 
  • Study will start Monday, January 22nd.
  • This is a SEVEN week reading plan.
  • Ends March 9th.


Would you pray about joining a group and/or becoming a group leader?  This study works great on your own…. yet the benefits and blessings of adding accountability and mentorship of a group are so, so sweet. We would love to have you experience it!

  • Join a group:: We have Sisters that want to join a group, however we need more people to be able to create and complete the group. Click here to find more info about how studying with a group works.
  • Become a group leader:: Also, we could use one, maybe two, group leaders. You can click over here to learn more about how a group leader works.

Please let us know by January 15th, if you would like to join or lead a group.  We will make groups later that week.

Let us know if you have questions 🙂 Blessings to you this Monday!



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  1. Marie Inoue

    Trudie, For some reason I cannot access the reading list for the study beginning in January. Could you send it to me by e-mail? I am not the most proficient (actually not at all proficient) on computer things. Sorry even to trouble you.

    Marie Inoue

    • Trudie Schar

      Hey Marie, Just seeing this message. I know you found the answer already 🙂 But for others that might be having the same issue– The link to the reading plans is found near the bottom of every email we send out to you! I hope that helps!

  2. Dawn

    Trudie, God will be praised thru this study! Bless you for the courage it takes to delve into such a weighty matter, I’m confident that it will be the best one yet as it truly does touch each of us in one way or another. Love you!

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