Our Birthday Gift!

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It’s our Birthday today and we have a gift for you!

This treat is a beautiful packet of spring florals for you to journal, color, and study the Bible with!  When you’re done it will be a great keepsake; something to keep where you can often see it.  Here’s the deal, it might also have something to do with the next study… but you didn’t hear that from us 😉  Take a look at it, would you love to have a copy?  We would love to ship you one!!


It is a collection of 30 gourgous drawings, printed on 5×8 index cards.  You have the option of having us put a hole and ring into it, or keeping them as separate cards. You Choose. Also you can choose whether you get blank cards so that you can put the writing in your handwriting, or have the verses pre-written for you.  So many options!  And so much fun!

Run over to the store to pick what options you want on your cards.  There are 4 options 🙂 Be sure you get the one you want. We will start shipping them out next week.

Thanks for being an important part of this community!

**Also, the YouTube we mentioned yesterday… is READY!!  You can go view it here…. {insert excited, happy face}

Confidence in Christ During Suffering


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