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Our Spring Study is ….. Romans 12!

Have you read Romans 12 lately? It has been a chapter very near to my heart the last six months. If I could just figure out how to live out this chapter; be a Romans 12 gal, oh life would be glorious right? 😉

Okay, so, we would still have troubles, right? Yes, I have not forgotten what we learned last study. But really, this Romans 12 chapter, is just filled with practical instructions for every day living. So let’s dig in and see what we can learn!


Here’s what you need to know

  • Reading Plan will be ready next Monday, the 19th
  • Study starts Monday the 26th
  • It is a 6 week study
  • Each day the TAP verse will be a Romans 12 verse (or part of one) SO those Romans 12 cards… follow right a long. One card for every day.  You can even write your AP on the back of the card if you’d like :). ((Be sure to go pick out which kind of cards you want us to send you! Click Here!))
  • Because we have the Romans 12 cards, we have decided not to make a reading journal for kids or adults for this study.

We hope you will join us!!

If you would like to join an Email group let us know by Monday, March 19th, so we have time to get groups made before the study starts.


Have you had time to check out the TAP Into Jesus Journal?

I’m sure many of you have read about my checklist devotions… and how this website got started. But this method of reading just a couple verses, journalling, and writing a prayer has really been life changing.  It is through this that I found out what a relationship with Jesus really is!  It is though this that I realized I didn’t have a realtionship. I just had religion. Getting to really know who Jesus is, learning about His heart, and digging into the Bible has completely changed my life.

This journal is born out of that need I have for continuing to connect with Jesus every day. TAPing into Jesus and all the while cleaning up my desk! Yes, really 😉 Right now I connect with Jesus during a morning walk and the treadmill desk I have is filled with scrap papers….scribbles of verses and thoughts. You get the picture, right? Lol

I am so excited to finally have a method to keep the verses that are special to me, record my thoughts, and store them in an organized and portable fashion! And very pretty too I might add 🙂

I pray that this journal would encourage you get into the Bible, connect with Jesus, and deepen your realtionship with Him.

I have a coupon code for you to get a copy of the journal for $12 – TODAY ONLY – use the code ROMANS12. It is only good till midnight tonight. Check it out in the store.



Thank you to all of you that filled out our little survey. Truly! Thank you! It really helps us to know how to serve you better. (If you haven’t filled it out yet, you can still do that right here.)

Big Congrats to Tami H, from Rittman, for winning the Starbucks gift card!  🙂


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