We are excited you are here to study the Bible!  We are glad to be able to share Reading Plans, and resources to make getting into God’s Word exciting while still being doable for the busy mom/wife/girl.


March 12, 2016 (106) MatteLet me explain how it works:


  • We send you a reading plan.  This will typically be a 4-6 week topical plan.
  • You read the several verses that are assigned for the day.  Usually it is not much, around two or three verses.
  • In a journal or notebook, you TAP the verse for the day.


We have done studies on many different topics, several different books of the Bible, and many specific chapters. You can find the list of past studies here.  Our Current Study is the first one on the list. 


Let me explain the TAP method.

T= TRUTH  Write the TAP verse of the day.  That is it, just simply write it at the top of the page.


A= ACTION   Take a few moments to let the verses sink in to your mind. “Meditate on the verses.” Give God time to speak to you.  However this step looks like for you…  Maybe you have lots of time and the verse reminds you of another verse: dig into it.   Maybe it brings up a question in your mind: research it.  Maybe you are a busy mom, and you have only a moment to think about it. That is OK too!

At the end of this step, write things down that come to your mind. Write the thoughts that Jesus wants you to carry with you for the day, things that He is showing you that you need to apply to your life.


P= PRAY   Again, take some time to write.  Write a prayer.  However that looks for you; long, short, formal, informal, praising, or pleading.


Be sure to look at the Study Buddy Page!  There, we explain how to add accountability and others to this process.


Some important things to know:

  • Each Monday, you will find a quick little post of encouragement to get the week started.
  • The rest of the weekdays, we post the Reading Plan verses for the day.
  • You can pick and choose which emails you want to get or not get by managing your subscription options. Do this by clicking the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ at the bottom of all the emails we send you!