March 12, 2016 (83) Matte Verse

About us… Well I could tell you about myself, but let’s skip that and get to the important stuff…

Our point here is to encourage you to get into and study God’s Word. 

This is the single most thing that will help Christians anywhere, KNOWING Jesus!  Knowing God, Knowing His Holy Spirit. Knowing, really knowing and having a relationship with Jesus will help any girl in any stage of life!

I started this website as an act of obedience to God; to serve the girls in my church.  It was not my idea.  The only credit I get from it is that I was a willing servant. It was a miracle really; the site was up in three days. That is an impossible feat without Him.


This site is His. I pray He encourages you through it.


If you want the LONG version of how the website began you can read it here – OUR STORY. 😉